Careem has introduced a new convenient way for customers to book their Careem rides through WhatsApp. Ride-hailing applications like Careem are a relatively new concept and were introduced in Pakistan just a few years ago but WhatsApp is already being used by millions of people.

How to Book a Ride on WhatsApp:

  • Step 1: ​Say “Hi” to Careem. You will immediately get a reply asking for your location.
  • Step 2:​ Click the safety pin icon in your WhatsApp conversation and respond with “Your Current Location”. Careem will then ask you to choose a number corresponding to the “Car Type” you want to use.
  • Step 3:​ Reply with a number corresponding to the “Car Type” you want to choose. For example Press 2 for “GO” Car Type. Once the Car Type is confirmed, you will receive details of your Captain and vehicle in the conversation.
  • Step 4:​ Wait for your Captain to arrive. Don’t forget to rate your Captain at the end of the ride.

To track your ride or share it with your family or friends, Careem will send you a tracking link with your booking details (Car, Captain, Plate no, etc).

The creem WhatsApp ride can be booked for those who are already registered creem with their mobile number registered on WhatsApp.

If you have any question comment down below.